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April 15, 2021

Last year we started working with Jodi Brown, founder of Supporting Moo and mum of four children, three of whom have disabilities. Supporting Moo is the Northern Territory’s leading NDIS registered provider of Support Coordination and the most progressive core support provider for plan and self-managed participants. They provide support for 80 participants and employ 12 staff.

Solving the initial problem

After receiving a grant in early 2020, Jodi employed her first staff member and soon found herself grappling with multiple IT systems for payroll, rostering and financial management. Jodi received a recommendation to connect with Anita through an NDIS Provider FaceBook page and engaged TechAbility in June 2020 to simplify her IT platforms. Anita and Jodi worked together to clarify all of Supporting Moo’s requirements and Anita identified three possible software options that would meet their needs. Anita and Jodi had detailed demonstrations with the three software providers and ultimately selected the best solution for Supporting Moo’s business. 

Jodi’s experience of the project was that “right from the start it was about what was best for my business. Anita had a very thorough process for gathering my requirements which made me really analyse my business and think of things in a different way. It prompted me to uncover what was important to me and how I could get a system that would solve my biggest issues. Throughout the process, I could remain focused on my business, knowing that Anita was running this in the background. As a small business owner, this was critical. The first software demonstration was quite overwhelming and Anita facilitated my questions to the provider and articulated my needs. I had hoped that Anita would just tell me which system to choose, but I respect that she didn’t, and her impartiality and thorough process resulted in the right solution being implemented in my business. I now have integration between compliance, business management, payroll and invoicing. I have great cash flow and the new software has enabled me to continue to grow my business.”

Moving beyond implementation 

As Jodi doesn’t have any administrative support in her business, TechAbility assisted with the implementation of the new software. Alis Kevorkian, one of TechAbility’s project managers, worked with Jodi to think through and plan the implementation. Alis’s knowledge of the system and of Supporting Moo’s business, led Jodi to engage TechAbility in an ongoing support role. Alis remotely manages Supporting Moo’s payroll and invoicing and onboards new staff into the software.

Reviewing the impact

Jodi explains “the value that TechAbility is providing to my business is priceless. It is hugely beneficial for me not to have to worry about that side of the business and focus on the services I am providing to my clients as well as further growing my business. Having Alis manage my payroll and invoicing requires a great deal of trust, but I feel very confident as the trust and integrity was evident right from the start of the software selection project and has continued to develop over the last year. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TechAbility to other Disability service providers.”

Whether you’re looking for a short term outcome or long term support, we love supporting the passionate and inspiring business owners in our sector. 

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