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February 25, 2021

We recently supported TIPACL, a community organisation based in Townsville, in reviewing and selecting a new client management system. TIPACL provides a developmental service which is committed to working with participants and their families in individualised programs where the majority of support is one-to-one. The TIPACL team includes eight management/ administration employees and 78 permanently employed Support Workers, all of whom support approximately 40 clients. Melanie Kruger is TIPACL’s Chief Executive Officer and leads this team of passionate and committed individuals.

Defining the problem and finding a solution

As part of TIPACL’s recent growth, Melanie realised their existing client management system was becoming cost prohibitive and wasn’t meeting their needs. After connecting with Anita through an NDIS Provider FaceBook page, Melanie engaged TechAbility in July 2020 to identify and select a new software package. Anita and Melanie worked together to clarify all of TIPACL’s requirements for a client management system. Anita compared TIPACL’s requirements to the many systems available and identified three possible software options that would meet TIPACL’s need. These systems were reviewed in detail with Melanie and her team, and Anita supported them with selecting the best solution for their business. TIPACL implemented their chosen system in December 2020. 

Melanie’s experience of the project was that “the whole process was very user-friendly. Anita presented the information in a format that was easy to understand while giving us an overview of multiple software options. Her suggestions were based on calculations from our requirements and comparing them to a range of systems and their functionality. Anita was very knowledgeable about all the systems and the industry. She stepped us through the whole process, from gathering our requirements, demonstrations with different systems, navigating agreements and the implementation stage. Anita was able to guide us to make the right decision, while at times we wanted her to just tell us which one to choose, she enabled us to have the information to make an informed decision about which software program was best for the organisation. We appreciated how she did not push a certain product on us.”

Reviewing the impact 

TIPACL rolled out the new system to staff in mid December 2020 and were already seeing great benefits when we spoke to Melanie in February 2021. “The process allowed us evaluate and improve our information management systems… and we are now able to consolidate the majority of reporting into the one software program. We have already seen increased efficiencies, especially in the area of claiming and invoicing participants. We are able to capture more data in the system and have the functionality to tailor it to our needs.”

We love making life easier for our clients – helping them to reduce their hours of non-value adding administration and spend more time providing the services they are passionate about. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss new software options for your business. 

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